Rose outline surrounded by Handmade with love in Lancashire text.

About Us

Made in the Mill is proud to be a UK-based manufacturer of a range of luxury, textile based items - all made with love in Lancashire.

Why Lancashire?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Lancashire mills became epicentres of innovation, introducing ground breaking machinery like the spinning jenny and power loom. These inventions made Lancashire a global leader in the manufacture of cotton and textiles, and by 1860 there were about 2,650 cotton mills in the region producing half of the world's cotton products!

You may be wondering why Lancashire was such a great place to have these cotton mills, and the answer is simple - the damp! The constant rain helped the cotton, a very perishable material, thrive. The abundant amount of water also powered the spinning machines, with inventions such as Arkright's water frame relying on water to power them.

The network of rivers and canals assisted the transportation of raw materials and finished goods, all linking up to the Liverpool docks, a prime location for importing from America and India. Not only that, but the opening of the railways that came with the Industrial Revolution meant that businesses could ship and import goods easily too.

From this, an empire was built, and lasted until the first World War.

"Made with love in Lancashire"

Flash forward a few centuries later, and this fantastic range of textile items are now being made in an original old sizing mill, making for vastly authentic and high quality products, all made in the UK.

Sizing is a term which refers to impregnating the yarn with a substance which coats the yarn's surface, helping to improve the smoothness and tenacity in readiness for the weaving process.

Made in the Mill pay homage to Lancashire’s historic origins in textile manufacturing, while forging a new chapter in the textile industry.