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Supports and Cushioning

Find our range of diverse support cushions here, all in a colourful array of patterns and designs.

What are Two-Way Support Cushions for Wheelchairs?

Two-Way Support Cushions for wheelchairs are specially designed cushions that offer versatile comfort and support, and can be used either way up. Crafted by Made in the Mill in Lancashire, England, these cushions provide a combination of pressure relief and stability. With a unique design that accommodates various needs, these cushions are ideal for wheelchair users seeking both comfort and functionality.

What are Bed Relaxers?

Bed Relaxers, also known as Bed Wedges, are innovative supports designed to enhance comfort during rest or sleep. Made by Made in the Mill in Lancashire, England, these wedges are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. They elevate the upper body, promoting a more comfortable and ergonomic sleeping position. The diverse range of designs and patterns ensures that these bed relaxers complement any décor and suit your own personal style.

How do Two-Way Support Cushions enhance wheelchair comfort?

Two-Way Support Cushions are engineered to adapt to various wheelchair seating positions, providing exceptional support and pressure relief. The unique design contours to the body, distributing weight evenly and reducing the risk of discomfort and pressure sores. By offering both horizontal and vertical support, these cushions enhance overall comfort for wheelchair users, allowing for extended periods of comfortable sitting.

Why choose Made in the Mill Supports and Cushions from Lancashire?

Opting for Made in the Mill Supports and Cushions means choosing products rooted in Lancashire's proud textile tradition. The diverse range of designs and patterns allows you to select a cushion that complements your unique style while providing essential support. You'll never have to settle for plain again!