Rose outline surrounded by Handmade with love in Lancashire text.

Our New Fabric Notice Boards

Jun 06, 2024

Our New Fabric Notice Boards

We've been hard at work innovating stylish and functional ways to enhance your living around the home, and this new addition to our range is no exception. We're proud to announce our brand new fabric notice boards, all made with love in Lancashire using British fabrics.

Centre stage is our Burgundy Boyd patterned notice board, with a stunningly authentic tartan pattern, adorned with red ribbons. These ribbons aren't just decorative, as you can tuck everything you need reminding about between them. Notices, receipts, takeaway menu's... you name it!

Alternatively, you can also safely use theseĀ as a pin board too.

Made in the Mill Fabric Notice Boards displayed

Featured here are our Grey Setter, Moonstone, Gold Tapestry and Forest Green patterns.

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