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Bed Relaxer - Grey Cheetah Print
Bed Relaxer - Grey Cheetah Print
Bed Relaxer - Grey Cheetah Print

Bed Relaxer - Grey Cheetah Print

Product Code: MITM07


Product Description
  • Versatile and multifunctional design
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Stunning cheetah print
  • Furry polyester material 
  • Reclined angle

    This Bed Relaxer featuring a stunningly authentic grey cheetah print will deliver comfort and support use after use whilst lying in bed. The durable foam construction ensures it will continue to provide support long after you have bought it.

    This Bed Relaxer can help a wide variety of people, offering postural reinforcement whilst lying in bed. This is because the pressure is taken off of the spine which is commonly caused by an unnatural resting position. 

    This versatile piece of equipment can be used when lying flat in bed, or when sat upright, and its easily manoeuvrable design makes it simple to transition between either.

    It can be used in two ways - set the Bed Relaxer in an upright position against your headboard to comfortably read a book, or watch television, or lie the relaxer down for an ideal sleeping angle.

    Whether you have certain conditions, such as a hiatus hernia, or respiratory problems, or if you simply prefer sleeping in an inclined position, this could improve your comfort significantly.

    If you find yourself constantly struggling to get comfortable, this daily living aid may help you more than you think.